Miranda that wasn’t Devine

More than 24 hours have passed, I accept this is old news in the blogosphere but realise that Sense in the Senseless is about journeying so I’ll continue.

When I read the words “He’s drunk the feminist kool-aid”, I should have known to stop. It was a public platform, unfortunately one with a significant audience, The Daily Telegraph. Miranda Devine clearly wasn’t a fan of PM Malcolm Turnbull’s first big decision as leader – a $100m package into domestic violence.

Insert scratching of heads. Along with the PM, I thought investing in the marginalised was popular across an demographics. I was wrong. People have unique, silly and down right offensive views on social topics.

Read the article here for yourself but take a pinch of salt with you. Something tells me she’s grabbing at attention.

The writer clearly articulated that domestic violence is caused by poverty, that somehow these terrible situations are directly related to a lack of dollars and cents. That statement alone lacks sense.

I’m the first one to say, having not experienced it, I don’t understand the issue but I’m not going to try and speak on behalf of those who have. I will say, however, Miranda’s words were a pot choice but she does have one thing right. People who experience domestic violence are poor.

Lacking love, support and the means to deal with issues in life in an appropriate manner. If we, as a community, refuse to help the poorest (not just financial) amongst us, we’ve failed.

Choose your words carefully and love first without hesitation.


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