She painted over the blessings


The sun was hot, not unbearably though, just enough to feel uncomfortable. The concrete I was kneeling on was hard against my knees and the end of her weapon dragged slowly across my face.

If was four year old daughter wasn’t smiling while painting my face, I would have said I had it pretty tough.

I often tell my children to look around and to be thankful for what they have (this advice usually follows biscuit rejection tears or the like) but how often so I do this myself? Yes, there are moments like seeing my daughter smile while covering my face in glittered purple paint but that thought pattern was dominated by grumblings.

We’re blind to all that’s been given to us. By human nature we recall a negative experience seven times more than a positive one but surely we can do better. I’m nothing short of impressed when I kind blind myself to such blessing.

If you’re breathing while you read this, you have cause to be thankful. If you’re not breathing, get yourself to a hospital as soon as you can.