Christmas is here … where are you?

Christmas lights have been on the horizon for a few months now; increasing in brightness as they edge slowly towards us. Their multi coloured brilliance filled us with hope and joy that many would now consider false.

Christmas is upon us. The world is in pain. Where are you?

From Sydney’s Martin Place to Ferguson and the Bronx, violence is flashing at each turn. From Pakistan to Cairns the lights of evil and pain shine brightly. And here we are, just a few days from Christmas.

Let’s celebrate love this Christmas.


We all deserve Love, even Lanza

Before you read this, you must understand. I do not support the recent actions of Adam Lanza at all. I am purely writing based on the events as they’ve been reported to me and they are influenced by my beliefs and outlook on life.

Waking on Saturday morning, I skimmed the headlines.

Massacre in school. Shamefully, I didn’t even flinch when I read the words.

A headline written maybe just to grab my attention or sadly as predictable, yet another American shooting.

The information regarding the tragic events in Newport Connecticut continues to flood in, as authorities carry out their investigations. So to does background information on Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old apparently behind the trigger and his family.

The world has a pure hunger for this information, we demand to know. As humans, we feel we must know why!?

At times like this we cannot expect sense.

Yet we continue waste our time seeking it. Even though we’d be far better spending our time supporting those directly effected.

543339-connecticut-school-shootingThe ink, not yet dried on those first headlines but veiled as “finding sense” we’ve begun to blame. A mother slain portrayed as a gun lover, a socially disconnected son pictured as “strange” but, even as far as President Obama is concerned is fuel for gun control.

Adam Lanza was obviously one troubled soul. Wether, by character or illness, one could never say he was thinking straight. As someone who doesn’t suffer from a mental illness, I am thankful his mind is now at rest but terribly saddened, that his troubles pulled so many others down with him.

The number of hate pages on Facebook dedicated to Adam, only 24 hours after the shooting was evidence enough of our faulty human nature. We immediately want to hate instead of grieve the loss and support those effected.

The fallen human is the real cause here. Evil and it’s existence. We all deserve love, even Adam Lanza. He too, a victim of evil.

Love is the only way to defeat this evil.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” Martin Luther King Jnr, a man before his time. His words, forever remembered.

Apart from “Lanza’s evilness”, America’s long-standing right to arms has been blamed at large, less than an hour before this very shooting Michael Moore tweeted to remind all. “There have been 31 shootings since Columbine”, the school at the centre of his 2002, documentary “Bowling for Columbine”.

I personally, do not see any reason for a person to have a gun in the home aside from animal control on a farm or rural property. Reasons of defence and safety should not require a home be armed. Yet still, ask an American, and you’re questioning their right to freedom.

“Are we prepared to say that such violence visited upon our children year after year is simply the price of our freedom?” Thankfully, even President Obama is starting to publicly question that freedom.

As long as darkness exists, gun control policy is just a limitation, not the required light.

I am praying for the families of the children and teachers that have passed. So too, each and every member of Newport’s small community. I urge you to do the same. And don’t forget the Lanza’s.

Pray that they may all find the love and support they need to survive this situation. 


You cannot hide from truth

10, 9, 8….3,2,1. Ready or not here I come. 

I already know where he’s hiding, he’ll be behind the toy chest in his room, feet sticking out beside the bed. He hides there every time. Making my way down the hall, floorboards creek under my feet. Where are you? I ask, my pace is slow.

I check under the bed and feint disappointment when he’s not there. Behind the door and in the cupboard, the same sequence plays out.

If his clearly visible legs aren’t enough, his excitement that gives him away. A giggle or shift in his position is enough. THERE YOU ARE, I act surprised as I pull away the chest.

You can’t see me, he screams, covering his eyes in a last ditch attempt.  He’s in full light yet he denies that he can be seen. Sounds like a silly childish act and it may well be, but it’s one that is often repeated in our adult lives.

We all believe that we are living in the real world, we’d be ashamed to admit to living in a dream. For me, there are some days I wish I was living in a dream world. There’d be no pain, no suffering and justice for all… but that’s just a pipe dream right?

Wrong, it doesn’t have to be that way. Ghandi said it best with these famous words. “Be the change you want to see in the world”

The truth is, reality scares me daily, but the more I think about the more scared I become. I cannot bring myself to face the full brunt of it. Most days I’ll shut it out completely, far more comfortable in my own world and on the other days, I look at it through squinted eyes.

A man of many words, known best for his musical ability showed his wisdom with a few choice words. Elvis defined truth to be like the sun. You can block it out but it aint going away.

Truth and Light

You wont find many arguments for myself or others that it is far easier to live in a bubble, with blinkers on or in extreme cases, with your eyes shut. You will however find plenty of opposition if you suggest this as the best way to live.

What are you avoiding in your life…there’s a good chance you’re living in a dream world. Have you dealt with the pain you experienced earlier in your life? Are you open to the world’s plight? Take the shields from your eyes, it’ll hurt, it’s going to be bright but the long term goal is peace. Understanding will come.

I understand we all will have different beliefs and “truths”, both perceived and comforting but I stand today to say…

There is only one absolute truth in our world and that is love. 

I don’t mean the soppy love expressed in reality TV nor the love shown by husband and wife. This love transcends that as it does one final kiss on their deathbed. This love comes without conditions. It has no known limits and incomprehensible power. This love is pure as it is purposeful.

Love is God