Thanks for baggage Dad

In a world filled with wounds, Fathers are blamed for many … and rightly so. The abusive father, the distant, negative, harsh, strict, adopted and possibly worst, absent. They all have a case to answer and as fathers we’ll all do.

Men, we all have baggage passed on to us; it’s like some unwanted ritualistic ceremony that occurs over many years without actually seeing a physical bag. No matter your experience though, Dad gave you baggage.

What you take or learn from it is up to you.

You don’t have to be the father your old man was, or make the mistakes he made. What man and father you are is up to you.

The baggage is a lesson; a warning in some cases but an amazingly detailed how to guide in authentic manhood in some other blessed cases.

I realise, sitting in the latter camp that these words are much easier to write but they are true regardless. Embrace your fatherhood wound, treat it and take seriously the lessons left. For you have already started giving your lessons or are preparing to do so soon. Make sire they’re good ones.

I have no wounds but a lesson I feel like a fail daily. My Dad was and is awesome, I still look at him in boyish amazement … can i earn that same respect from my children.

I will if I follow his lessons. Thanks for the baggage Dad.


Leave the pain behind you


It’s 6:30 in the morning, I’m changing my daughters nappy when she suddenly starts to whimper. Being a father besotted with love for his daughter, I immediately look for the cause of her pain.

Is the warm winter sun shining through the window, too bright for her eyes? Maybe, she is that desperate to go to the park by_next door that she’s reduced to tears.

It’s then I see the cause…I can’t help but laugh when she points at a tiny graze on her knee (caused by falling over a week ago).

“saw nee, saw nee” she cries.

At that moment the graze was my daughters greatest concern. It stole her attention from her loving father, warm sunshine, last night’s sleep and the roof over her head.

How can she worry about a scratch when she is obviously blessed? Look up darling, look what surrounds you. You are surrounded by love yet you look down. Forget about the scars of yesterday, they cannot harm you. Look up in gratitude not down in despair.

Instead, I took her tiny leg in my hand and kissed it better (Caution, do not attempt to replace medical treatment with the “kissing it better” method).

My daughter is not yet two years old, so I’ll cut her some slack but we should know better. Do not let the pain of your past stop you from realising the beauty that’s all around!

What graze are you crying about in life?