Stand or fall

It’s been three weeks months (and a few edits) since I heard the words. The fact I’m still mulling over them in my mind is evidence of they’re impact.

If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything

It got me thinking – what do I stand for in life? Sure, this blog is all about finding my way through life, discovering truth along the way but I’ve come to believe that isn’t enough. I have no idea where this leaves me but standing at the kitchen bench hearing the wind rummage quickly through branches outside like a young boy desperately searching for his favourite matchbox car…I’m excited.

This particular matchbox isn’t the flashiest of his vast collection or the the most expensive model. It’s a beat up Chevrolet with a slightly loose front left wheel and scratches across the roof. It’s the car I found at the park, half buried under the bark.

It’s the car I gave a second chance.

Like you, I’ve made mistakes in my life. It is likely that scholars (or people who can write at an ‘above average’ level) will tell you I’ve made mistakes in this post. Who knows, making these thoughts public could be a fault in it’s own. But I know I’ll get a second chance in the form of grace.

Second chances; when push comes to shove, I pray I’m willing to fall.

Until then; at home, in public and in my chosen field of work, I’ll always give second chances.


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