Follower or fan

I’ve always considered myself a Christian.

It sounds crazy when it is put  in writing but when I think about it, it is mind blowingly crazy. I believe that God, the creator and king, sent his son in human flesh to show us all first hand, how to live and to love. I also believe he was killed an innocent man to take away my sin and that miraculously, he rose three days later.

I believe that death could not hurt him, I believe that his ‘way’ is ‘truth’ and through him, I believe we have ‘life’. That makes me a disciple … doesn’t it?

I began a study series with a group of my closest friends cum family last night on Francis Chan’s book, now movement, Multiply. Francis asked the same question I did above, “Do you consider yourself a disciple?”

We we took a look at the dictionary definition …

Disciple: a follower or pupil of a teacher, leader, or philosopher.

… I was confronted with what I have now accepted as truth. I am not a follower of Jesus but a fan of his work.

The disciples of Jesus followed him like the plague, they were never far from him physically but hang on each and every one of his teachings. They strictly obeyed his command to share the good news with the world and as a result, became more like their teacher and leader with each day.

In contrast; I go to church most Sunday’s, pray with varying levels of motivation and periods of time in between and find myself leaving my faith out of conversations (rationalised by saying that I’m trying to spread his love in relationships) rather than adding it in … every chance that I get.

“Like a Jesus groupie?” someone asked.

“Not even” The truth hit hard. “If Jesus were a band, I wouldn’t even be at his live shows.”

Can you remember the last time you laid an hour down for the Lord? I don’t even want to mention laying down a day, week or year.

As it turns out, I am a massive fan of his work, I really enjoy hearing about what he is doing and from time to time I’ll tell others of my ‘favourite band’.

I still consider myself a Christian but also a fan who wants to get closer to his idol.

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