Breast feeding. Natural, healthy and apparently offensive!?

What’s the downside of your TV show rating so high? Sunrise host, David Koch, found it out last week … people hear what you say.

In response to a news story of a mother being asked to be more discreet while breastfeeding her child in public, Koch said ‘fair enough’

“I totally agree with breastfeeding in public but I think you have to be a bit classy about it.” David Koch

Other hosts on the popular Australian breakfast show were suitably shocked at his support, so too was the mother in question.

If, Liana Webster wasn’t angry enough when asked by lifeguards at her local swimming pool to “be more discreet while breastfeeding her child”, public support of the lifeguard’s actions have pushed her over the edge.

Worse still for Sunrise and Koch, Liana isn’t alone. The ‘twitter-verse’ lit up…and it was good to see that it wasn’t all women.

Jonathan Brown @JB_AU:Let’s face it men. If our anatomy required us to breast feed this discussion wouldn’t even be happening #breastfeeding

I can only guess Sunrise’s PR department didn’t have time to brief Koch, because he too, took to twitter to back up his comments.

david koch @kochie_online: But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect breast feeding in public is done discreetly. I think that’s just a common courtesy to others

Mothers and breastfeeding advocates joined a Facebook group, ”Sunrise Nurse-In”, to promote both public breastfeeding and a protest of sorts; a live mass feeding on the show. How’s that for public!

This posting, the nurse-in or any further debate isn’t about David Koch or anyone else foolish enough to ask a breastfeeding mother to cover up, it’s about the issue, women and parenting. If a mother feels comfortable feeding in public, let her be. Being a new Mum is hard enough without judgement!

It’s about far more than breast feeding. The outrage caused by such a small comment shows how much our society has sexualised women. With the number of people supporting the call for women to cover up growing as fast, if not faster than those opposing the call, I think it’s fair to say community considers women a sexual objects.

@Goodgoogs, said it best…

Zoey Martin @goodgoogs: If you see something indiscreet in a woman breastfeeding you are looking too hard.

I repeat, this isn’t a hate campaign against David Koch, but some advice for men who want to knock breast feeding mothers … sleep three hours a night for four months and put your nipples in a vice 6 times a day before you open your mouth.



4 thoughts on “Breast feeding. Natural, healthy and apparently offensive!?

  1. Such a furore as usual about women breast feeding their children in public places, this time it occurred at a pool a place where women are in skimpy bikinis showing more of their breasts than a breast feeding mum. Why are we still so offended by the best way to feed our babies? Mothers do not feed at restaurants,pools,shopping centres to be perved at ,to cause you to feel uncomfortable ,they do it as we are mammals given the gift to provide their infants milk. Breast feeding is natural,convenient and easy when all goes well, we do not ask for your approval to do something that is allowed by law so why do you keep judging? I don’t stare at people when they eat.women are providing food that’s all ,there is nothing to see here people! Some have likened my ‘natural’ comment to sex and urinating. Are these people serious to even put these acts in the same category as breast feeding? I see men urinate every time I leave the football at the mcg, why is there never a public outcry about this? This happens in the full view of families walking to their car, people driving along punt road,yet people seem not to care. There is no public comment on tv news shows,no twitter wars but breast feed where all you see of a breast is less than you would see in a low cut dress and open the flood gates people! Maybe controversy is great for your tv program ratings kochie but these constant public outcries about breast feeding women just makes women uncomfortable to do what legally they have a right to do and in the end the babies miss out being provided with the natural food source god provided and lines the pockets of formula companies as women give up feeding because some see it as socially unacceptable. Yes everyone has a right to their opinion but prudish behaviour and attitudes should not interfere with a woman choosing to breast feed and where we chose to feed is a woman’s legal right. We don’t have to be classy or cover up kochie we just have to provide our babies with the best food there is!

  2. One comment left on a Telegraph article today made me particularly upset. Some parent saying that their “young boys don’t need to see (breastfeeding)”. How are we to teach young men to have a mature and respectful attitude towards women unless they see breasts being used for their natural purpose? Even a three year old can understand that boobies are for babies, but clearly many adults can’t. I agree with you, this discussion is a symptom of the sexualisation of women in general. We need more boobs in public (of all shapes, sizes and ages!). Personally I find fat, hairy old men without shirts to be unpleasant, let’s ban that!

    • Ridiculous huh … While kochies comments were obviously stupid, I’m happy he made them. It’s given us all a Chanel to voice our concern on the issue and set a new standard for respect re new mothers and hopefully increase the rate of breastfeeding in Australia

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