Post holiday blues

I’ve sent three emails and read a report … that’s about all I can manage at work today.

With Christmas, came holidays and along with many others, I took them gladly. A little over two weeks with my family, my wife, daughter and newborn son.

Now back at work, the memories of sunny days in the park and long sunshine fuelled walks, seem distant at best. Sitting in an artificially bright office I feel as if I am pushing those memories further and further away with ever strike of the keyboard.

The post holidays blues have struck, and I’ve only been back at work for thirty minutes.

If you’re in Australia, there’s a good chance you’re in the same boat as me. Back at work, struggling to focus and … reading a blog posting instead of working.

Blank stare

Personally I’d rather stare blankly at the screen for the next seven hours but due to responsibility and honesty, that isn’t an option. Instead, I offer you three questions …

  1. Do you enjoy your time at work? 
  1. Does your time there have a positive effect?
  1. What do you desire from your role?

Do you enjoy your time at work?

I’m not suggesting every minute is a pure moment of joy but asking if it’s possible to find joy … at all? Can you share a joke with a workmate, find pleasure in success or maybe you enjoy the rhythmic beat of the keys as you type?

What ever it is, we all need to enjoy at least, part of our day.

Does your time there have a positive effect?

We all have a sphere of influence, at work, due to formalities and structure, these spheres are often greater. Are you having a positive effect within this sphere?

Whether you’re boosting morale or increasing success, what counts in the positiveness.  

What do you desire from your role?

Create a list, what are you looking for in a role. This will give you both, a list to work from and, something to do today … that isn’t your job!

If you aren’t receiving the items on your list or you answered “no” to either of my first two questions I suggest you think about a resignation.

There is no point in spending forty hours (plus) each week, in a role you don’t enjoy, where you have no positive effect … in job that doesn’t satisfy. Work can be enjoyable but I find, it’s only when you’re making a difference in this world.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.” Helen Keller



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