Box up your joy, it’s not required for another eleven months

Have you ever wondered why they call it “boxing day”?

As a kid, I thought it had something to do with the sport of boxing. Surprisingly enough, looking back, I was never shocked by the lack of bouts held on 26 December each year.

Traditionally, it is the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their superiors or employers, known as a “Christmas box”.

I’m not one for keeping traditions just for the sake of it. So, this year (or last as it may well be) I decided to define boxing day based on my own view of the world.

As the calendar ticks into the month of December good will is flowing freely through all media.

News networks are running stories of unsung heroes in the community and sick children being given a magical Christmas wish. Decorations have been hung on street corners, shopping centres and every home that you visit. If anti commercialism is your thing, the joy knocks at your door too. Your favourite blogs are filled with messages about helping the needy, the true meaning of Christmas and debates whether Jesus exists, let alone if he was born.

A week out from Christmas, and it intensifies again. You can’t escape it. Movies, carols nights, fireworks, the works. Your friends status updates and tweets are all about Santa, the season or the newborn king.

Christmas owns December. And rightly so … but come the 26th, all of this is boxed away, for today, is boxing day.


Pack up your joyful thoughts and your good will towards the poor. Wrap up happiness and stick it in  box, it will not be required for another eleven months.

The media moves from joy to sorrow, from Christmas to the fiscal cliff. It seems our emotions move with it.

For a week we’ll all laze around, hibernating after our gluttonous feasts, then comes new years. Drinking and resolutions not to drink, partners for the night.

This year, instead of pledging health, exercise or a new job … pledge to rekindle your Christmas passion and hold on to it for the next 365 days. Christmas isn’t a date, it’s an emotion, a joyous state of mind.



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