What brings you joy?

“Joy is your destiny. You were created for joy.

Pay attention to what brings you joy and

take joyful actions daily.” Marta Davidovich Ockuly

Consider this quote as you read about Sarah and her daily battle trying to find joy…

She sits behind the desk and sighs heavily. It’s only 9:30 and she’s already over today.
From the outside looking in, she’s staring but from the inside she’s dreaming. The clean white wall carrying the corporate logo of her employer doesn’t exist in her mind, she can see beyond the boundaries that have been set.

In her mind she’s on the grass court, the once restricting walls of her office are nothing but a distant memory. With the ball in her hand, she feels alive and without the ball, she’s relaxed.

“Sarah” he snaps angrily, as if he’s been waiting for ever. “Are you going to answer that?”.

It’s only then that she realises harsh sound of the phone and the flash of the switch.

“Sorry boss” she offers but it’s not genuine, another sigh espcapes her lips.

On the phone, Sarah is pleasant, attentive to their requests but there’s really only one thought in her mind… Lunchtime, two hours away.

There’s no emergency in the office, nor in their an alarm but when the clock hit twelve, things happen. Sarah is up out of her chair, she’s already changed her shoes under the desk. Hurdling the desk with ease and the type of grace that only comes with repetition of such an action…she’s gone. In less than five minutes, she’ll be on the court.

Even if it’s only for sixty minutes each day, Sarah will feel alive, she’ll know what it means to live.



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