You cannot hide from truth

10, 9, 8….3,2,1. Ready or not here I come. 

I already know where he’s hiding, he’ll be behind the toy chest in his room, feet sticking out beside the bed. He hides there every time. Making my way down the hall, floorboards creek under my feet. Where are you? I ask, my pace is slow.

I check under the bed and feint disappointment when he’s not there. Behind the door and in the cupboard, the same sequence plays out.

If his clearly visible legs aren’t enough, his excitement that gives him away. A giggle or shift in his position is enough. THERE YOU ARE, I act surprised as I pull away the chest.

You can’t see me, he screams, covering his eyes in a last ditch attempt.  He’s in full light yet he denies that he can be seen. Sounds like a silly childish act and it may well be, but it’s one that is often repeated in our adult lives.

We all believe that we are living in the real world, we’d be ashamed to admit to living in a dream. For me, there are some days I wish I was living in a dream world. There’d be no pain, no suffering and justice for all… but that’s just a pipe dream right?

Wrong, it doesn’t have to be that way. Ghandi said it best with these famous words. “Be the change you want to see in the world”

The truth is, reality scares me daily, but the more I think about the more scared I become. I cannot bring myself to face the full brunt of it. Most days I’ll shut it out completely, far more comfortable in my own world and on the other days, I look at it through squinted eyes.

A man of many words, known best for his musical ability showed his wisdom with a few choice words. Elvis defined truth to be like the sun. You can block it out but it aint going away.

Truth and Light

You wont find many arguments for myself or others that it is far easier to live in a bubble, with blinkers on or in extreme cases, with your eyes shut. You will however find plenty of opposition if you suggest this as the best way to live.

What are you avoiding in your life…there’s a good chance you’re living in a dream world. Have you dealt with the pain you experienced earlier in your life? Are you open to the world’s plight? Take the shields from your eyes, it’ll hurt, it’s going to be bright but the long term goal is peace. Understanding will come.

I understand we all will have different beliefs and “truths”, both perceived and comforting but I stand today to say…

There is only one absolute truth in our world and that is love. 

I don’t mean the soppy love expressed in reality TV nor the love shown by husband and wife. This love transcends that as it does one final kiss on their deathbed. This love comes without conditions. It has no known limits and incomprehensible power. This love is pure as it is purposeful.

Love is God



What brings you joy?

“Joy is your destiny. You were created for joy.

Pay attention to what brings you joy and

take joyful actions daily.” Marta Davidovich Ockuly

Consider this quote as you read about Sarah and her daily battle trying to find joy…

She sits behind the desk and sighs heavily. It’s only 9:30 and she’s already over today.
From the outside looking in, she’s staring but from the inside she’s dreaming. The clean white wall carrying the corporate logo of her employer doesn’t exist in her mind, she can see beyond the boundaries that have been set.

In her mind she’s on the grass court, the once restricting walls of her office are nothing but a distant memory. With the ball in her hand, she feels alive and without the ball, she’s relaxed.

“Sarah” he snaps angrily, as if he’s been waiting for ever. “Are you going to answer that?”.

It’s only then that she realises harsh sound of the phone and the flash of the switch.

“Sorry boss” she offers but it’s not genuine, another sigh espcapes her lips.

On the phone, Sarah is pleasant, attentive to their requests but there’s really only one thought in her mind… Lunchtime, two hours away.

There’s no emergency in the office, nor in their an alarm but when the clock hit twelve, things happen. Sarah is up out of her chair, she’s already changed her shoes under the desk. Hurdling the desk with ease and the type of grace that only comes with repetition of such an action…she’s gone. In less than five minutes, she’ll be on the court.

Even if it’s only for sixty minutes each day, Sarah will feel alive, she’ll know what it means to live.


Yard glasses: impractical as they are damaging

He’s grown from a boy in to a fine example of a man

As if it were a cue, his father’s speech finishes and the chant begins.

…he’s true blue…he was going to go to heaven but he went the other way….

The proud young man resists the urge to thrust the glass high in the air like a prize trophy, instead raising it slowly, cautiously resting its rim against his lips.

…he went down down down down…

Tipping the end of his glass skyward, the amber liquid begins its journey.

…down down down down…

The first few mouthfuls are slow but what was a measured pace is now a roaring flood. Beer spilling first, over his chin and face, then his chest and the floor.

As friends of the young man step up to finish what he could not of his yard glass, the crowd cheers wildly in the dimly lit party room of the local RSL. Somewhere in the crowd, his father reconsiders his closing words.

Attempting to drink a yard glass of beer, or 1.4L for those wondering, is a tradition at 21st birthday parties in Australia. I say “attempt” because in most cases, whether through spillage or vomit, most of the beer ends up on the floor.

Most would say it’s harmless fun, simply celebrating a milestone. It’s what you do when you turn 21.

I write today to tell you different.

On its own, it may seem like harmless frivolity but in a society that is so strongly affected by binge drinking it is yet another seed panted in a young mind.

Alcohol consumption caused the death of 32,696 Australians between 1996 and 2005, that’s over 3,000 people each year. Further to this, 813,072 Australians were hospitalised due to alcohol-caused injury and disease over the same period. Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency

Australia has a binge drinking problem, 80% of Australians agree with me but it seems that same 80% are having little effect.

Every Sunday night, without fail our news broadcasters share stories of alcohol induced violence, teenage parties turned in to riots and regrettably, death and hospitalizations. Just last week, an 18 year old boy was king hit whilst walking innocently along a street.  His head hit the pavement and is now dead. Alcohol was no doubt a player in this crime.

The annual cost of Alcohol related crime in Australia is $1.7 billion. v$750 million alone on policing.

Although I wish he was, Thomas Kelly, the 18 year old who lost his life, is by no means unique, although I wish he was. Five million Australians have been effected by alcohol related violence, 2.6 million as direct victims.

The answer isn’t an increase in taxes, banning of pre-mixed drinks or midnight curfews. The answer is responsibility; responsibility for yourself, your friends and your drink.

To put it in terms as Australians, we all understand. Look out for ya mates.

More than half the Australian population believe that governments (58%), pubs and clubs (68%), and alcohol companies (74%) are not doing enough to address these concerns yet 4 million Australians admit to getting drunk.

If Australians were really true blue they’d put down that glass but it seems we’re piss pots through and through.



Verbal Currency

“Good bye darling, I love you” these are the last words I spoke.

I wanted to let my daughter her know I was leaving and that I love her, these words had purpose. I wish I could say that this is always the case in my life but sadly, it is not. In fact, I am known to suffer from verbal diarrhoea.

The average adult speaks 16,000 words a day. Generally I’ll speak a few more.

If words were currency, what would your dollar be worth?

Those who value their words have impact, those who do not are merely white noise.

In the same way that I suggest you count your blessings, I suggest you count you words. Mathematically speaking, the less words you speak, the less words you’ll regret speaking.

Speak with a clear purpose in mind, hold dear to truth.

I hope this has given you something to think about, but I fear the value of my words will sink lower than the Greek dollar if I continue.