CHILDREN: designed to be loved

I carry her to the cot and lay her down gently. The covers fall softly on her as she holds tightly to her blankie. A kiss on the forehead proceeds three whispered words…”I love you”.

My heart is filled with loving warmth leaving her room. She is not yet two years old, her name is Marley and I could never hurt her.

I believe as parents we are designed to have some unexplainable feeling of tenderness to our children, so I won’t try to explain it. What I will say is that I loved my child the moment I saw her.

I don’t think I’m a unique father, man or parent but it does shock me that children are unloved is this world.

Statistics of child abuse simply shouldn’t exist.

The senseless abuse of the innocent its yet another sign of our world’s brokenness. Lust and depravity lead to perverted thoughts involving children and anger and hate lead to violence. We must all confront the brokenness that surround us, living in avoidance will not solve anything.

My memories at six years of age are filled with cartoons, birthday parties and my pet dog cuddles (yes, we named our dog cuddles). Can you imagine being six years old and being subjected to perverted images or worse, being forced to create them?

A child was designed to be loved as a parent was designed to love. The problem begins if parents were not loved as children, chances are this terrible crime will be repeated. We need to make a stand. Only together can we rid this world of abuse.

So parents love you’re children, aunties and uncles, the same applies for you too.

Don’t have kids, love others or donate to a charity that’ll do the work for you.

Above all, we are all role models, signs of what’s to come.

Children will copy what they see, make sure is not dumb.

The calls of Daddy wake me from my slumber, Marley is obviously awake. That generally, late nights excluded, fills me with joy.

Then the though hits me…Marley wakes and calls for “Dadda”, others wake and scream in fear. The contrast couldn’t be greater. I don’t blame the children…their lives are being destroyed.

I enter Marley’s room quietly and find her standing in her cot. No matter how tired I am I love seeing her arms reach out instantly, as if without thought. The word “Dadda” fills the room as love fills my heart. The connection so real, our smiles cannot be helped.

Picking her up I tell her “you’re loved, we’re blessed but many others are not”.

Make a stand against child abuse today.


Hair we go, Hair we go, Hair we gone…

Our world is full of senselessness, hence the name of this blog. In my brief time here I have expressed my thoughts on matters including racism, sexualisation and hateful hearts, today I am proving that I will not shirk from tackling the most confronting of issues…. the comb-over!

Let me begin by saying, as a bald man I realise people think that I’m not the best person to be giving hair style advice. I would argue this point though. A bald man (or woman for that matter) is the best person to give advice…after all you will never be able to call my a hypocrite when I adopt a hair style I previously criticised because it’s now trendy.

The comb-over:  is a hairstyle worn by bald or balding men in which the hair on one side of the head is grown long and then combed over the bald area to minimize the display of baldness.

So your hair is thinning on top… accept it, move one, shave your head.

Support the cause, get on twitter and #BanTheCombOver