30,000 signs of injustice

I was given 30,000 reasons to act against injustice yesterday but remained idle. I fear i have failed. As a human, a person of community and a follower of Christ but as long as we are breathing there is still time. I pray that my motionless state is not permanent and that you may join in being moved.

FACT: 30,000 people will die in the next 24 hours from preventable disease.

FICTION: People in the western developed world (aka those with abundant resources) are doing all they can to help.

A common cold, measles and diarrhea. Annoying ailments turned serial killers.

I do not write this to encourage donations, mission trips or specific actions but to open eyes to the world abroad. Donations will surely help and we can all do that but they will not eventuate if you don’t see problem in the first place.

The developing world shouldn’t be called the developing world at all. How can we call a lack of clean drinking water, staffless medical services and millions of displaced people… Developing?

They are the suffering world and we are the truly blessed.

30,000 people. That’s a big number. Consider it 30,000 daughters, sons, brothers or sisters and the number becomes wrong.

Why should a line of latitude  determine if we belong to the blessed or the suffering world?

We have a choice to make after hearing this…to be moved or not to be moved.

To be moved – act against  the suffering, rally for support, donate, pray, fundraise…help.

Not to be moved – business as usual.

In transparency i choose not to be moved yesterday but today i act. Tomorrow nay be different but i pray that it is not.

30,000 people will die in the next 24 hours front preventable disease and unless WE act 30,000 will die the following day.



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