The priority fountain

Life is but a series of fleeting moments, once one passes you cannot get it back. It’s our priorities that determine which of these moments we chase and cling to most tightly.

Priorities, we all have them. Whether they are physically written (the list writers here just gave a little fist pump), memorised to a tee, concious or sub concious, our actions will reflect them.

A good friend of mine has theory to manage his priorities. I like to call itThe Priority Fountain. It’s built on the champagne fountain but he’s not a drinker so his priorities are far from champagne.

The champaign fountain is a series of tiered champaign glasses, assembled so that when liquid is poured into the first cup it naturally over flows into the cups below it. I have only seen it once in person but believe they were popular some time in the 70’s or 80’s at weddings?

Back to my mate and as far as I know that patent hold to The Priority Fountain theory. His “liquid source” is God and his first cup is his faith, the second tier cups represent his family. When the cups on this tier fill his “liquid source” flows onto his close friends and so on. 

What do your tiers represent? Struggling to find the answer, here’s a hint. Think back over the past week and where your time has been spent. More often than not this will represent your priorities.

Your tiers are sorted out but what is your liquid source? Also know as your motivation and the fuel on which you live.

Like my good mate, my source is my God but you may not be the same.

If your fountain is assembled correctly and the liquid is flowing freely, there shouldn’t be any problems. Life should make sense but I’m guessing your life, like mine lacks sense at times. Either your fountain is flawed, your source isn’t substantial or like me, you’re effected by the world that surrounds you.

My heart breaks when I see a child that’s unloved. A parent’s priority should be to care for and nurture that child, yet time and time again I see fatherless families and direction-less youth. My heart breaks the same to see the elderly suffer loneliness. Society has turned their back, treating them as a burden rather than part of community. Where are people priorities when these folk sit alone almost as if  waiting to die?

We are not only responsible for our own priorities but those of our community. We all have a sphere of influence, be the change you want to see



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