Chivalry’s not dead…but it’s very ill

“Chivalry’s not dead, it’s on the couch where I made her sleep” Hilltop Hoods

If my opinions were controlled by popular society, it would be clear from the Hilltop Hoods quote above that I believed chivalry to be dead, buried and decomposing as I write. But my opinions are by now means controlled by popular society and I believe chivalry to be alive, albeit a little sick.

Chivalry defined | idealization of the qualities bravery, courtesy, honour, and gallantry toward women

When I want to view societal traits I never hesitate to jump on public transport. With large members of the public crammed into metal boxes, jostling together with the twists and bumps of the network. When patience wears thin and frustration is close to boiling point…you’re sure to find honest human reactions.

So I wait at my station, fellow commuters by my side. The train comes to a halt and the doors slide open. Men and women alike jostle to get to their seats and only a few (that of which I am one) remain standing. The chivalry count, as I like to call it, today is 3 women left standing and 8 men sitting.

Whilst men not giving their seat up to people whom seem totally capable of holding their own bodyweight is not a major issue, it does give an indication to their intentions.  You will notice on the New York subway heir-achy of seating list below that the man definitely comes after the woman!

• Disabled elderly person
• Elderly woman
• Disabled person
• Pregnant woman
• Elderly man
• Middle-aged woman
• Young-ish woman
• Middle aged man
• Child under 10 (any gender)
• Tween (any gender)
• Young-ish man
• Teenager (any gender)

Whilst, I hope my views on public transport are reflected in wider community, I fear they are. What’s more, I fear the generation following ours will not know chivalry as a concept, let alone a way to act. Please note, I am not basing all my thoughts around one trip on public transport but using it an example.

Chivalry originated with the knights don’t let the modern man kill it off.

Men, respect women and treat them as such. Give a seat up, hold a door open and if it’s cold offer your jacket. Ignore what society says and does and do what you know if right. Man up and be a chivalrous knight.

Women, don’t expect it of men but thank them when they act. Don’t throw their offers back in their face, not every chivalrous act is a pick up line, they are only trying to do what is right. I am sorry not all men act the way we should but I won’t give up trying.

Show young boys just how to act so they know from a young age how to approach women and how to engage.



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