SEX SELLS… find the sense in that

It started in marketing campaigns and dicussions around campaign messaging… “Sex Sells”. From there it has grown into every element of life…not limited to JUST advertising.

Sex is very much a part of our society.

Whilst sex needs to be discussed openly, what to be aware of, what is right and wrong and so forth, we don’t have to have it plastered on every wall, blazing from our radio’s and echoed down all school hallways. Sex seems to be replacing strong relationships and it is most evident in our young people.

“Who’s slept with who” is common lunchtime talk. Note,  that I do not say “sleeping” as they are often fleeting relationships. One night stands are an all to common occurence.

Sex had, then thrown away.

What’s wrong with sex in any form you ask? … People should enjoy the freedom we all have available to us!

It’s not a matter of freedom or choice for me it’s a matter of health. I’m not talking about Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), I’m referring to societal health. The health of our communities and the relationships within.

An over sexualised society is ruining the way people are valued. treated as pieces of meat, eye candy or worse. It’s been proven that your thought patterns will eventulaly allign with what you are surrounded in. Now when that is love and respect, not a drama but when it’s sex…drama will surely follow.

Sexual thoughts driven by lust lean towards pervision and perversion is fed by our society.

It was only a few days ago I heard the headline “Father hit with child pornography chargs involving his own children”. What kind of filthy world are we living in that a father acts this way… this is not a person inlfluenced by love and care but of pervision and filth.

Sex apparently sells in every industry, from cars to charities and clothing to food but that is only because our society has been told this. Yes, we;ve been told, and shown time and time again but it is up to us (the majority) the stand up for what is right. Let someone know when you see someting you don’t want your kids (or other’s kids) to see and refuse to support the offenders of the sexual message.

Companies will try nad trade off on their offensive behaviour by saying “you know, sex sells” or “that wasSex is a by product of a permenant, never ending relationship not a stepping stone or throw away action. How can we allow for to be used as anything less.

So the next time you hear that “sex sells” don’t let it be a trade off, don’t let it be an excuse, don’t be fooled by it’s glossy exterior.


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