Senselessness: Lacking sense or meaning

I’ve spent almost 30 years on the planet we call home and senselessness is unfortunately one word I’d use to describe it. With no meaning you have no direction and without direction, we have an abundance of waste.

Food, Cash and passion… so much potential, so little impact.

Food – Those who have food often over indulge and those who don’t…don’t, there’s no other way to say it.

Cash – Our broken human nature creates the constant need for more. Who hasn’t heard someone close to them say “I deserve more”, “if only I had a little bit more” or “i want more”?

The problem is that our desire for more is driven by selfish greed a desire than shamelessly will never be filled. The key to financial satisfaction lies in defining what want and need are in your life.

Passion – When gain is involved we all jump straight out of bed. Quick wins and easy money are like fired rockets to us. Yet hard work, charity and selfless help are all comfortably curled in the bottom of the too hard basket.

There is plenty in the world but either way it’s causing problems. Cash overflows and floats away to easily and there’s no shortage of passion, but it’s ill directed and flawed.

Changing these elements of my world will not be easy and I don’t kid myself thinking the rest of the world will follow. One step at a time though, I’ll make the change and if one other person follows, of negative effect I cannot be to blame!

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” Frank A Clark

So much potential, so little impact.

I’m on a journey that I’m sharing with words. I have a desire to find sense, meaning and direction is the world I call home.


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