30,000 signs of injustice

I was given 30,000 reasons to act against injustice yesterday but remained idle. I fear i have failed. As a human, a person of community and a follower of Christ but as long as we are breathing there is still time. I pray that my motionless state is not permanent and that you may join in being moved.

FACT: 30,000 people will die in the next 24 hours from preventable disease.

FICTION: People in the western developed world (aka those with abundant resources) are doing all they can to help.

A common cold, measles and diarrhea. Annoying ailments turned serial killers.

I do not write this to encourage donations, mission trips or specific actions but to open eyes to the world abroad. Donations will surely help and we can all do that but they will not eventuate if you don’t see problem in the first place.

The developing world shouldn’t be called the developing world at all. How can we call a lack of clean drinking water, staffless medical services and millions of displaced people… Developing?

They are the suffering world and we are the truly blessed.

30,000 people. That’s a big number. Consider it 30,000 daughters, sons, brothers or sisters and the number becomes wrong.

Why should a line of latitude  determine if we belong to the blessed or the suffering world?

We have a choice to make after hearing this…to be moved or not to be moved.

To be moved – act against  the suffering, rally for support, donate, pray, fundraise…help.

Not to be moved – business as usual.

In transparency i choose not to be moved yesterday but today i act. Tomorrow nay be different but i pray that it is not.

30,000 people will die in the next 24 hours front preventable disease and unless WE act 30,000 will die the following day.



The priority fountain

Life is but a series of fleeting moments, once one passes you cannot get it back. It’s our priorities that determine which of these moments we chase and cling to most tightly.

Priorities, we all have them. Whether they are physically written (the list writers here just gave a little fist pump), memorised to a tee, concious or sub concious, our actions will reflect them.

A good friend of mine has theory to manage his priorities. I like to call itThe Priority Fountain. It’s built on the champagne fountain but he’s not a drinker so his priorities are far from champagne.

The champaign fountain is a series of tiered champaign glasses, assembled so that when liquid is poured into the first cup it naturally over flows into the cups below it. I have only seen it once in person but believe they were popular some time in the 70’s or 80’s at weddings?

Back to my mate and as far as I know that patent hold to The Priority Fountain theory. His “liquid source” is God and his first cup is his faith, the second tier cups represent his family. When the cups on this tier fill his “liquid source” flows onto his close friends and so on. 

What do your tiers represent? Struggling to find the answer, here’s a hint. Think back over the past week and where your time has been spent. More often than not this will represent your priorities.

Your tiers are sorted out but what is your liquid source? Also know as your motivation and the fuel on which you live.

Like my good mate, my source is my God but you may not be the same.

If your fountain is assembled correctly and the liquid is flowing freely, there shouldn’t be any problems. Life should make sense but I’m guessing your life, like mine lacks sense at times. Either your fountain is flawed, your source isn’t substantial or like me, you’re effected by the world that surrounds you.

My heart breaks when I see a child that’s unloved. A parent’s priority should be to care for and nurture that child, yet time and time again I see fatherless families and direction-less youth. My heart breaks the same to see the elderly suffer loneliness. Society has turned their back, treating them as a burden rather than part of community. Where are people priorities when these folk sit alone almost as if  waiting to die?

We are not only responsible for our own priorities but those of our community. We all have a sphere of influence, be the change you want to see


Chivalry’s not dead…but it’s very ill

“Chivalry’s not dead, it’s on the couch where I made her sleep” Hilltop Hoods

If my opinions were controlled by popular society, it would be clear from the Hilltop Hoods quote above that I believed chivalry to be dead, buried and decomposing as I write. But my opinions are by now means controlled by popular society and I believe chivalry to be alive, albeit a little sick.

Chivalry defined | idealization of the qualities bravery, courtesy, honour, and gallantry toward women

When I want to view societal traits I never hesitate to jump on public transport. With large members of the public crammed into metal boxes, jostling together with the twists and bumps of the network. When patience wears thin and frustration is close to boiling point…you’re sure to find honest human reactions.

So I wait at my station, fellow commuters by my side. The train comes to a halt and the doors slide open. Men and women alike jostle to get to their seats and only a few (that of which I am one) remain standing. The chivalry count, as I like to call it, today is 3 women left standing and 8 men sitting.

Whilst men not giving their seat up to people whom seem totally capable of holding their own bodyweight is not a major issue, it does give an indication to their intentions.  You will notice on the New York subway heir-achy of seating list below that the man definitely comes after the woman!

• Disabled elderly person
• Elderly woman
• Disabled person
• Pregnant woman
• Elderly man
• Middle-aged woman
• Young-ish woman
• Middle aged man
• Child under 10 (any gender)
• Tween (any gender)
• Young-ish man
• Teenager (any gender)

Whilst, I hope my views on public transport are reflected in wider community, I fear they are. What’s more, I fear the generation following ours will not know chivalry as a concept, let alone a way to act. Please note, I am not basing all my thoughts around one trip on public transport but using it an example.

Chivalry originated with the knights don’t let the modern man kill it off.

Men, respect women and treat them as such. Give a seat up, hold a door open and if it’s cold offer your jacket. Ignore what society says and does and do what you know if right. Man up and be a chivalrous knight.

Women, don’t expect it of men but thank them when they act. Don’t throw their offers back in their face, not every chivalrous act is a pick up line, they are only trying to do what is right. I am sorry not all men act the way we should but I won’t give up trying.

Show young boys just how to act so they know from a young age how to approach women and how to engage.


Capable of love yet we choose hate

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

It was 23rd of August 1963 that Martin Luther King Jnr shared “his dream”… yet 49 years on, his dream is not reality. 

What doesn’t make sense to me is that one human being considers themself more “worthy” or “valued” than another. I do not understand how these people think it’s ok, let alone RIGHT. Such blatant discrimination breaks my heart.

Physical beauty will always be skin deep but true value lies within. The human heart is capable of such great love so why do we choose to hate?

A quick example of what we humans are capable of:

The Trayvon Martin debate continues (afro american teenager killed debatabely for being black/looking questionable) and only a few hours ago the Brisbane Times run a story on Mark Watts. Mr Watts, CEO and founder of Whitelion is capable of being a leader in the business world but dedicated his working life to helping young Australian teenagers in need.

On one hand senseless brutality on the other a man dedicated to care.

Through the 50’s and 60’s racism was thriving.  There were separate entrances, bathrooms and restaurants. The white avoided touch in fear of disease and the black took this as acceptable, I believe because they knew no different. These days we live together in what some describe as harmony but it is far from harmonious.

The 2011, London riots and the 2005, Cronulla riots. The first triggered by a police shooting but both truely caused by racial relations.

I will never pretend that beating racism is easy. It’ll be hard but the answer is clear…LOVE!

Love conquers all, love doesn’t judge, love doesn’t discriminate, love goes hand in hand with justice and love is the opposite of hate.

So, you think it’s easy. Love more, hate less, everyone’s happy… If this is true for you, I’ve succeeded.

Act in love and when you see hate, love more

Vote in this poll “Do you think racism is a big issue in today’s society?”

You can play, but your clothes may not.

The National Football League (NFL) is the highest level of professional American football in the United States, and is considered the top professional league in the world. The Lingerie Football Leaugue (LFL), is a 7 on 7 full contact version of American football. Similarly, it is considered the top professional league of it’s kind in the world. The NFL is for men only, the LFL is for women.

I don’t have to spell it out I’m sure… the women play in lingerie.

In a era where sexism is branded as unacceptable, it would be hilarious if not ridiculous that this sport survives. Women are not equals, they are still used as meat for marketing.

As I write this names of female atheletes rattle around my head. Stephanie Gilmour, Martina Hingis, Annika Sorenstam, Serena Williams, Margaret Court, Dawn Fraser, Lindsey Vonn… I could continue but I fear I may have lost your attention already.

These women all dominated their chosen field of sport:

  • Stephanie Gilmour, a four time world champion surfer and only 24.
  • Margaret Court, 92 career titles including 24 grand slams (Roger Federer has won 73 incl. 16 gs)
  • Lindsey Vonn, gold medalist and 4 time world champion skier
  • Annika Sorenstam, 72 LPGA wins including 10 majors (Arnold Palmer won 62 incl. 7 majors)

Apart from interesting reading, I want you to imagine what these world dominating women would think of the LFL. Amazingly talented sportswomen reduced to playing in their underwear to get recognition. Yes, some of the women in my list have done “glamour shoots” and recieved media attention but they did not have to play in that attire. I do not blame the women of the LFL for wanting to play the sport at it’s highest level and I totally understand that they will always stand up for the sport and repeat “positive messages” created/highlighted by the games PR department.

The blame rest squarely and surely on the shoulders of society

Surely, we all know the sport has been created by a marketing department not a sporting body. With team names ranging from Chicago Bliss to Los Angeles Temptation and Las Vegas Sin, their strategy is clear… focus on sex, perversion and lust. Something our society is more than happy to lap up.

Society confirms the tired old message of “sex sells”. Thirty percent of all internet downloads are pornography, something that people do larely behind closed doors yet we seem happy to have these women oggled in public. Note, they are not oggling your quick foot speed or show of strength.

The LFL is coming to Australia for a promotional tour with plans to start up a league in the future. I really hope it doesn’t work.

The game of American football has never and I doubt, will ever rise above a strictly amteur level, if the LFL achieves status in Australia it will be because of their bodies not the sport. It’ll be a blight on the nation, not a gain for the sport.

Women placing sport in their underwear for the viewing pleasure of the world…find the sense in that!

SEX SELLS… find the sense in that

It started in marketing campaigns and dicussions around campaign messaging… “Sex Sells”. From there it has grown into every element of life…not limited to JUST advertising.

Sex is very much a part of our society.

Whilst sex needs to be discussed openly, what to be aware of, what is right and wrong and so forth, we don’t have to have it plastered on every wall, blazing from our radio’s and echoed down all school hallways. Sex seems to be replacing strong relationships and it is most evident in our young people.

“Who’s slept with who” is common lunchtime talk. Note,  that I do not say “sleeping” as they are often fleeting relationships. One night stands are an all to common occurence.

Sex had, then thrown away.

What’s wrong with sex in any form you ask? … People should enjoy the freedom we all have available to us!

It’s not a matter of freedom or choice for me it’s a matter of health. I’m not talking about Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), I’m referring to societal health. The health of our communities and the relationships within.

An over sexualised society is ruining the way people are valued. treated as pieces of meat, eye candy or worse. It’s been proven that your thought patterns will eventulaly allign with what you are surrounded in. Now when that is love and respect, not a drama but when it’s sex…drama will surely follow.

Sexual thoughts driven by lust lean towards pervision and perversion is fed by our society.

It was only a few days ago I heard the headline “Father hit with child pornography chargs involving his own children”. What kind of filthy world are we living in that a father acts this way… this is not a person inlfluenced by love and care but of pervision and filth.

Sex apparently sells in every industry, from cars to charities and clothing to food but that is only because our society has been told this. Yes, we;ve been told, and shown time and time again but it is up to us (the majority) the stand up for what is right. Let someone know when you see someting you don’t want your kids (or other’s kids) to see and refuse to support the offenders of the sexual message.

Companies will try nad trade off on their offensive behaviour by saying “you know, sex sells” or “that wasSex is a by product of a permenant, never ending relationship not a stepping stone or throw away action. How can we allow for to be used as anything less.

So the next time you hear that “sex sells” don’t let it be a trade off, don’t let it be an excuse, don’t be fooled by it’s glossy exterior.


Senselessness: Lacking sense or meaning

I’ve spent almost 30 years on the planet we call home and senselessness is unfortunately one word I’d use to describe it. With no meaning you have no direction and without direction, we have an abundance of waste.

Food, Cash and passion… so much potential, so little impact.

Food – Those who have food often over indulge and those who don’t…don’t, there’s no other way to say it.

Cash – Our broken human nature creates the constant need for more. Who hasn’t heard someone close to them say “I deserve more”, “if only I had a little bit more” or “i want more”?

The problem is that our desire for more is driven by selfish greed a desire than shamelessly will never be filled. The key to financial satisfaction lies in defining what want and need are in your life.

Passion – When gain is involved we all jump straight out of bed. Quick wins and easy money are like fired rockets to us. Yet hard work, charity and selfless help are all comfortably curled in the bottom of the too hard basket.

There is plenty in the world but either way it’s causing problems. Cash overflows and floats away to easily and there’s no shortage of passion, but it’s ill directed and flawed.

Changing these elements of my world will not be easy and I don’t kid myself thinking the rest of the world will follow. One step at a time though, I’ll make the change and if one other person follows, of negative effect I cannot be to blame!

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” Frank A Clark

So much potential, so little impact.

I’m on a journey that I’m sharing with words. I have a desire to find sense, meaning and direction is the world I call home.